Southern Curls & Pearls

sally-sm asked: Do you know where I can find affordable vests similar to the ones jcrew has? Living on a college budget is a pain when you want to be stylish. Please and thank you! :)

Hey girl! I know that Juliana’s Boutique had a few look-alikes, here's the J.Crew herringbone look-alike! If you want one that is nicer quality, J.Crew Factory has one for a lot cheaper than the normal J.Crew ones, however I would wait for them to go an sale (sometimes they have a sale where the whole store is 30% off!). They have the real herringbone vest here.

Anonymous asked: How are you so skinny I'm so jealous do you eat really healthy?

I do try to eat really healthy, but I always always have dessert (my sweet tooth is my weakness!). I also try to work out three to four times a week, you can find my workout routine here! :)

victoriialauren asked: What boots are you wearing in your recent outfit post??

The black over-the-knee ones? They are Louise et Cie, you can find them here! :) 

t4nbliss asked: i love your blog its so cute!! where do you live at in the south? i live in sc!

Oh I love SC! My boyfriend is from Clemson, and I actually lived in Greenville right when I graduated college! Now I’m in Charlotte, NC :)

koalabass asked: I adore your style and blog ❤️

Thank you!!!! <3

pond-of-curiosity asked: Love you blog!! I saw someone reblog one of your photos and I think it's you wearing a JCrew herringbone vest. Would you mind telling me how tall you are and what size you purchased?! I'm going to buy one and want to make sure I get the right size ( :

Of course! I am 5’3 and wearing the XS vest! I think J.Crew runs a little large sometimes! Hope that helps :)