Southern Curls & Pearls

fairytales-and-tiaras asked: You are beautiful, your instagram is perfect and I looove your blog! xx

Thank you so much!!! This made my day :)

honeybeekelsey asked: Hello! I am going to be a freshman in college next year. Where would you suggest buying a durable, but cute zip up case for a laptop?

I really love Kate Spade’s laptop cases… this one with polka dots is so cute! You can also find some cute monogrammed laptop sleeves on Etsy (that are also less expensive). I’m dying over this one! Hope this helps :)

livelifelaughing101 asked: Sorry if you have already been asked this question but where did you buy the pineapple romper from ?

I got it from a really weird store, Karmaloop, after I saw it online! You can see it here, however it looks like it’s sold out :( I really like this pineapple dress if you want something kinda similar!

rustlingpages asked: Hey Caitlin! I'm a brand new follower and I have to say I am IN LOVE with your style and your hair!! If I can ask - what do you use on your hair to make it so beautiful?? Please let me know! Thank you!

Thank you sweet thing! I am obsessed with Mermaid Shampoo and Conditioner… I have tried so many hair products and these makes my hair SO SOFT. My boyfriend loves when I use it also because it smells so good :) I also use this leave-in conditioner because it protects against heat damage and keeps my hair healthy. Hope this helps!!